Dr. Bourque regrets to inform her clients that due to ongoing medical issues, Harmony Vet Home Care is now permanently closed.

Medical records can be obtained at Fleetwood Vet (604-576-6640). For existing clients requiring further information please contact Dr Bourque by text (preferably) or phone at 604-818-2440.

Thank you for your understanding.

- Harmony Veterinary Home Care

At Harmony Veterinary Home Care we offer a complete spectrum of veterinary services from holistic health care to conventional and integrative medicine. We have access to full service medical and surgical care through one of our associated veterinary hospitals. Referral services for specialists, chiropractics, acupuncture and physiotherapy are  available.


The difference with our wellness exams compared to a typical physical exam is we pay attention to every aspect of your animals well being. Analyzing each patient as an individual we broaden the physical exam by evaluating lifestyle, exercise, living environment, emotional and behavioral status. Information gathered from the wellness exam guides us to further refine treatment options and whether conventional diagnostics are necessary. If diagnostics such as blood work recommended we can provide this in our office while x-rays are available at one of our associated veterinary hospitals.



Homeopathy is an extremely effective and gentle natural healing method. Just about every condition encountered in conventional practice can be treated with homeopathy. Homeopathy treats the whole animal and not just a single symptom or disease. We prescribe specific remedies based on a variety of details, such as the color of a particular discharge, an animals behavior and need for companionship or solitude, how he/she reacts to pain or factors that aggravate an illness.  Often animals which have undergone years of conventional treatment that has failed to improve a disease condition or the animal has been burdened with too many drug side effects can have their health restored with homeopathic treatment. We feel that animals treated early on live long healthy lives and develop fewer chronic health issues or serious disease. We emphasize the importance of good nutrition during homeopathic treatment as true healing is difficult without it.   [LEARN MORE]


 The foundation for good health begins with nutrition and a natural well balanced  diet.  Having a good foundation provides for powerful pillars of support which has a big impact against preventing many disease conditions.  Many of the diseases we see and  treat are from inadequate, poor quality diets being fed to our animal companions. We have extensive knowledge and we are deeply dedicated to helping you plan and even formulate a diet that is right for your pet. There are many practical feeding options available from home-prepared cooked or raw diets. fully prepared raw or cooked diets and freeze dried or dehydrated raw options. We can show you how simple, convenient and cost effective feeding a wholesome, natural diet can be. Advice on healthy snacks and feeding raw meaty bones is part of our diet planning. Free home delivery services are available to bring you a wide variety of fully prepared raw diets and customized partially- cooked therapeutic diets for specific health conditions.   [LEARN MORE]


 Our practice routinely recommends nutritional supplements to improve and enhance the general health of our patients. Primarily, good  health is created by eating wholesome, fresh food however animals thrive with the addition of certain supplements.  With a myriad of supplements available on the market it can become confusing to know which ones to use. We will customize an effective supplementation program for your pet based on health status, age, breed, diet and stress level. Digestive enzymes  for example optimize digestion and nutrient absorption for animals with digestive disorders and also aids older animals by boosting the levels of diminishing enzyme production. Individualized treatment is invaluable in fine-tuning the needs of particular animals with particular needs.  Harmony Veterinary Home Care caries a number of high quality nutritional supplements for both dogs and cats.


The term nutraceutical was coined from the words “ nutrient” and  “pharmaceutical” and is defined as a natural substance that provides health benefits including the prevention and/or treatment of disease. These agents work with the intent of improving the well-being of animals without the harmful side effects found with conventional drugs.  Nutraceuticals can be thought of as “ natural medicines”  that provide functional benefits by increasing the supply of natural building blocks in the body.  These building blocks can help diminish disease by nourishing the body in an effort to encourage natural healing mechanisms. Antioxidants, glucosamine and dimethylglycine are a few examples of the nutraceuticals used in our practice. Our goal to create an individualized and complete health plan for your animal companion often integrates the use of specific “ natural medicines” for therapeutic means.  [LEARN MORE]



 “ How often”, How much”, Are they safe”, “ Do they work”?

Just a few of the questions and concerns we hear almost everyday from concerned pet owners regarding vaccinations. The answers to all these questions are of great debate within the veterinary community where opinions very depending on the generation and mindset of those confronted. Based on current findings from the prominent researches, Ronald D. Schultz, PhD and W. Jean Dodds DVM and national policies from the American Animal Hospital Association, American Veterinary Medical Association and Academy of Feline Practitioners, the duration of immunity to most clinically important vaccines is at least three years and probably more than five to seven. The steady stream of scientific evidence points towards vaccinating less often and only with products tailored to the pet’s individual needs. It’s not a “ one size fits all” program.  Overvaccination can lead to  many adverse reactions, allergies, weakened or dysfunctional immune systems, behavioral problems and chronic disease such as cancer and autoimmune diseases. Is overvaccination triggering diseases such as cancer in young animals? The research and debate goes on. Our goal at Harmony Veterinary Home Care is to provide a strong “ core or base “ of protective immunity to puppies and kittens by using one vaccine at a time beginning at 10-12 weeks of age and spaced over three to four week intervals. A booster given at one year may be recommended and further vaccination will be dependent on lifestyle, breed and overall health status. We recommend monitoring serum antibody levels found in the bloodstream, referred to as Vaccine Titer Testing, to help guide us on immune status. Rarely do older animals require further vaccines.  [LEARN MORE]


 For procedures not able to be performed in our office, we have access to two highly reputable veterinary hospitals. Animals in need of specialized diagnostics, internal medicine or surgical care will be referred to Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialists or Canada West Veterinary Specialists. We make the arrangements for you and follow up with after care and home care needs.


We work closely with other holistic practitioners who offer gentle complementary services for animal companions. If we feel that these services can further benefit the overall health of your pet we will discuss this with you and make the referral appointment(s) for you. Follow ups are very important so that we can closely monitor progress.